Monday, November 21, 2011

The venerable Banana Caliper

I know more about this little feller than I ever thought I would need to know . Big thanks to Davey for motivating me , once we hit the garage and started scoping it out , he realized that the dust seal on the new caliper would work on the old caliper so we took them apart and put them back together with each others parts and we started looking good .

Oscar busted the piston a little when he put it back together for me the first time so the original seal ripped when we got it assembled and back on the bike . I had to take it all apart again do a little filing & dremeling & massaging to get it to be compliant , but it sealed up nice and solid . Big thanks for him finding me that damn caliper in the first place . I couldn't use it in the end because it needed a " Y " bracket instead of the " boomerang " bracket . Who would have thunk it . It did however have the elusive dust seal that we needed so it turned out great .

Well all's well that ends well , except that once it was all back together and looking like I was out of the woods , I find this under the bike . . .

yippy . . . . brake fluid , leaking from the master cylinder ! The chase for junky old ass motorcycle parts continues ( or at least a rebuild kit ! )

**EDIT** it turns out that my #1 bro buddy Davey who filled up the master cylinder , tells me after the fact " Oh yeah bro , I was a little messy when I topped it off , that's probably just left over dripping off there . " Well as it turns out , it seems that's the case . No mess under the bike for the last few days and the reservoir is full . . . all is well in old Harley town for now !

***NEW EDIT*** , no it's leaking . never mind .

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