Monday, October 24, 2011

Time for some maintenance , apparently .

Last week the old '77 started making a slight grinding noise when I would step on the rear brake . At first it was just a hint of a grinding sound so I figured I had a minute to scare up some parts and get to it . Well 2 days later it was grinding with no brake , just rolling it made this sketchy scraping sound .

One of my brown brothers Oscar tells me " hey man , I have some pads & stuff if you need them . Maybe even a rotor for you " , so I get busy and start taking things of .

This kind of stuff is relatively easy . I have a good copy of the original HD manual and it shows exploded views and all the tid bits and small parts . It came apart quick & painless . . . that's when I saw this .

Yee haw ! I guess when you ride like the wind and you ride to live , and all that good shit , you tear through gear like crazy . . . hmm . Anyhow new pads & new rotor and it should be good to go . Here's the rotor , ala Oscar all cleaned up and looking good . I even got between the spokes and got the wheel all prettied up too .

As it turned out when I put the caliper back on , the piston was stuck and didn't want to ease up on the pads . After a few initial miles , the rotor was super hot and it was obvious that there was more going on that needed attention . Oscar tells me he'll give it a shot and rebuild it for me real quick like , because he has a few parts laying around that I don't have and it should be a snap .

Well as it turned out it was not a snap and when we got it put back on , a seal was leaking all over the rotor causing me to not be able to stop on command , which is bad . It looked like the piston got a little goofed up when it got pressed in and I think it ripped the piston seal . No biggie though as banana caliper parts are falling out of the trees around here these days , and it should be back on the road in no time .

It's raining today anyhow , so whatever . I'll ride to live later .

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Squirrel Murphy said...

I love that '77. Take good care of her.