Wednesday, July 27, 2011

San Diego Comicon 2011 was bigger than ever and Vaughn actually had a lot of fun this time .

We decided to wait till Sunday this year which they say is " kids day " . Well I guess there were a few kids in the house , but it seemed like any regular day to me . Packed full of nerds & cosplayers & geeks & various good and bad guys .

Also we saw ( and I'm not sure why they were there to begin with . . . ) the Sons of Anarchy cast , signing autographs . Amy took a few pictures of those guys and I'll post them later when I get them off her phone . I know I know , F those guys and that show . . . whatever . I love it and you do to , so shut it .

This year I only spent $20 and I felt weird not having a backpack full of obscure fragile toys and junk that had to be spirited home . . . I got my son a Transformers toy , and 2 cookies . that was the extent of my Con experiance this year . I'd say the smiles on his face in the various pictures make up for the lack of money I spent this year .

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Lyricsdaycare said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE you and your family