Saturday, October 9, 2010

This kind of stuff gives me an upset stomach whenever I see it

All it takes is one bad decision to ruin your whole night , and this is a great example of not knowing that you fucked up before you've even left your house . . .

I was at the Apple store buying some technology yesterday with my wife and I turned around to see this staring back at me . I could tell pretty quickly he wasn't who his shirt depicted him as being .

I was suddenly lost trying to figure out if he was just some dude who thought the shirt with skulls on it was cool , or if it was actually some kind of MC that just didn't get the memo , or what . As soon as I took the picture he was on his way so I didn't get to ask him where he got the sweet gear or where I might score one for myself .

The proper authorities have been informed however . If anyone who reads this blog knows anything about this shirt or who makes it , drop a line so I can pass it on .