Wednesday, June 16, 2010

When I was a kid we did a lot of camping in a bunch of different motorhomes

For whatever reason my dad was super into RV-ing and my mom just followed along as his co-pilot . She eventually got a part time job cleaning up rental motorhomes at a local RV place ( when i was in highschool and could take a little time off as full time mom / house wife ) and we had an inside connection to lightly used rigs at a great price . I remember 4 pretty clearly over the years of my adolescence , but there may be have been more that I can't remember off the top of my head . I just remember seeing most of the country through the window of the cab over bed at 60 mph .

I couldn't shake it as I got older , I love camping . Amy & I did our share of tent camping and had lots of fun roughing it , but with a little son in the mix now , we decided to step it up a notch and hook up a sweet rig for family fun & camping outings . I need a little dirt bike of course now so we can cruise around the campsite , and I need to whip up a bicycle rack for the back bumper , but we already took it out for a quick weekend and it performed flawlessly .

Vaughn happens to love camping and I think we're going to be having lots & lots of wilderness adventures in the mountains , or at the beaches near you . It's a relatively inexpensive way to have a busy weekend away from the X-Box or Play Station and get out in the grass & dirt and have a good time turning over rocks to see what's underneath .

Getting back to nature man , maybe grow out my hair . . . maybe not .

It's a 1981 Lazy Daze on an 18 foot Chevy chassis . 350 / 350 combo with low miles and all the systems work well ( or at least well enough for me ) . No leaks no holes or broken shit anywhere . It needs some curtains and maybe a little tlc in the carpet area , but it's solid and ready to go !

Here's Amy & Vaughn testing out the relaxabillity quotient of the new rig . She says it passed with flying colours .


tiptopdadddy said...

Awww man, that does my heart proud. My family has owned an RV dealership since 1951. I spent every summer weekend, spring break and Christmas vacation in a motorhome or trailer. There really isn't any better way to spend time together as a family. You guys rock on Mike!

=mike= said...

Thanks , it's a step up from the trailer in my opinion . Easier to navigate and it has a motor , which means I get to fuck around with it intermittently !

Big Scott said...

WoW Mike, lazy days... the airsteam of class c's congrates! that rig will out last you! great memories. big scott


great family time!

I'm on my third one started with an 84 winnie , now rockin a 2000 fifth that we take to mammoth all winter and beach camp in summer. My daughter likes to call it the "RB" and loves every second of it!