Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'll see your nerd and raise you one super geek

New toys Mike needs.....

I don't know when their gunna be out but I know what Mikes gettin' for his birthday.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hot action from the Dice magazine release party that was here in San Diego


The new Prez and family say "shaka" but the SS heavys in the back say" Beat it kooks".

this kid is nuttso

Saturday, January 17, 2009

There's more " neat " in this picture than you can count with both hands

Since we're talking about my ass , here's a nice one

I took these pictures at one of those " No Love " parties up at West Coast Choppers a few years ago

the first one is Bill Dodge's knucklehead right next to Chopper Dave's Panhead , both pretty awesome , and you can see Bill got a little flavor off Dave's bike . . .

second picture is my friend Jose's bike when it had the sparkly tuck & roll " paint job " . It was blue naugahyde metalflake stitched into a tuck & roll onto the gas tank & fender . I don't think I had ever seen it done before , and certainly never since . Justin's Triumph is right there next to it , and it looks like he just got it done as there's still no plate on it . . .

Friday, January 9, 2009

Billy & the Captain

this will make my ass look fat for sure

This picture is about a year old , give or take .

Lots of different small changes since then , but this is a neat shot so i thought i'd share

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Vaughn's first New Years balloon . . . it was his best friend for an hour

He woke up the next day and started looking up at the ceiling trying to find it and then noticed it on the floor next to a chair , slowly withering away . Amy had to grab it and hide it from him so he wouldn't have a small baby moment at he loss of his new floating friend from the night before .

R.I.P. silver balloon , old buddy . . . you will be missed .

New year , old video . . .

I made this movie from some video I shot at the Sinners' annual 4th of July party . Some of you might not have ever seen it , not like it rules or anything , but it's pretty funny .

It was pulled from Youtube by a 3rd party for copyright infringement , but I think Styx should be happy anyone is still rocking this tired , old ass song . If anything it's a free commercial for them so hey guys . . . cool it already .

We'll see how it goes now that I've posted this again , and " blogged " about it , good idea huh ?

Nothing like old stuff to ring in the new year . . .