Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The new bike is in the compound and ready for a gentle massage

Like I said in an earlier post , This bike is pretty much what I wanted . Almost an anti-chopper . Don't get me wrong here , I still love me some fast , dangerous , loud , chopped up rigid jalopies . that will never change , but I felt it was time to slow down a little . This bike is not going to be a bobber , or chopper or brat style , or anything that is currently being touted by the lifestyle mentors of the world .

It's just going to be a good old Harley .

I plan on making simple , easy changes . Nothing that can't be done over the course of a day or two of fucking around in the garage with a few friends . I want it to stay a driver throughout the whole process . Tweek on it here & there , but no major teardowns or alterations .

First I'm going to put the tins back on the forks . I love that look and it will be weird bolting shit back onto a bike instead of hacking it off for a change . Then I'm adding some taller , more narrow bars . I have a set of Johnny Chop baby apes that a good friend gave me a while ago and they have been just waiting for a bike like this to come along .

I just got a set of '08 springer softail risers off ebay again , gotta love the new / old style of some of the factory parts these days . I had to get new risers because I didn't want to cut up the bars I plan on running & the risers on the bike now are for 2 piece bars .

Then I plan on putting a 16" wheel up front in a nice full fender to finish the effect . Total luxury ride , with a starter and working brakes front & rear .

Maybe some mids or buddy style pegs just for foot options .

Down here these style of bikes are referred to as Ghetto Blasters , or Barrio Bombers because in the Mexican neighborhoods during the 70's this was how they did it . Lowered bikes with tall bars & a fancy paint job .I might have to wait on the paint though .

Shit I might even leave the bags on for a while just to be a dork . I also plan on making it a 2-up bike so me and the O.L. can go for a righteous putt to the local wine bar , or all you can eat / mimosa breakfast joints in our neighborhood . The bags will be nice if it gets chilly and I need to pack a sweater vest or a pair of mittens or some chapstick .

Knees = breeze .

This bike is not only visually a lot different from my last bike , but also very slow and relaxed comparatively . When I would leave a curb on the '56 I would either shoot off like a rocket , or stall it . Lots of power and minimal room for slipping the clutch and playing it cool . This bike just rolls it on . 74" of stock HD horsepower , and as the previous owner Hatch told me . . . " Just about everything is fresh , end 10 thou over molykote pistons, fresh heads, chains, battery, wiring, starter, tires, tubes, etc etc etc. "

and as you can clearly see , Vaughn is very excited about a pile of new tires laying around .


Jose said...

Sweet. Nice bike Mike. Cholo stylin. You can always build another chopper while you guys have fun riding that one.

Richie said...

Right on!
Although, you do realize the confusion this bike is going to cause by just being a "Motorcycle" don't you?

STANDARD said...

i have the fork tins my friend,if you already the my shovel

=mike= said...

What kind of shape are they in ? I have a set but they're a little rough . I could run em , but if yours are in good ( better ) shape maybe we can swing a deal .

Meccanico di Veno said...

Can't wait to see it. Fancy paint later is a good excuse for primer, like dark green tinted primer.

STANDARD said...


Yuck Fou said...

Ohh... A bagger. You just need a sweet fairing.