Sunday, June 14, 2009

I had a visit today from a couple friends . . . We went to hooters for lunch and it was pretty tastey

My friend Davey was in town for his Grandpa's 90's birthday and he was staying at my house . Our other friend Kutty rode down for some wings and a cold one or 3 , and we met our buddy Barker at the gaslamp Hooters , and it was a good time .

It's also nice that Hooters has a full bar now days . . . nothing washes down boneless wings and cheesy fries with a side of cheesy tatter tots , like a jack & coke and a large iced tea .

The bikes stayed in the garage for this one , Kutty said his butt was a little tender from the ride . . . I think it was from something else , but we'll never know .

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