Monday, November 24, 2008

I have a couple of friends who do full concourse quality BMW restorations

And the editor of a certain motorcycle magazine got ahold of this bike and brought it down to them to do a " sympathetic restoration " , meaning it will be very carefully taken apart and then put back together again not changing the outward look or patina of the machine at all . It will basically look like it was never opened up , to remain a time capsule of sorts .

The reason that this fairly unassuming looking bike is being taken such good care of is because it has a pedigree of sorts , it was built and painted by Kenneth Howard himself , in the mid 50's . The owner of the bike has a smaller peanut tank that came with the bike & had a matching paint job & stripes that was signed " Von Dutch " , but on this larger tank there was no such markings . It was obvious to the new owner that they were both painted by the same guy which makes this bike a little piece of motor history .

This bike is amazing in it's simple awkwardness and lack of any kind of " style " or flow . . . it is just a fun street bike built to ride off curbs and slide around corners . . . take notes , because this is one of a kind and I got to see it up close and personal .

Anyhow , I had to run down there and take some pictures before it came all apart . . . enjoy !

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