Friday, December 13, 2013

Old truck up-date

Last week I finally decided to tackle the drippy power steering pump on the '77. Billy had told me he thought it was a leaky hose, so I got new hoses and replaced them, no luck. Still drippy. I had a local mechanic peep it out and he decided that he could see where it was coming from and it was from the pulley shaft.

I made a quick trip to the local parts house and scored a refurbished pump for $50 and put it in over the course of a few hours last saturday. It took a little longer than i had expected though because the pump didn't fit with the bracket…so I had to cut up the bracket a little. It still has 2 solid mounting points and it worked out like a dream. Im going to weld the tab ( that had to be removed) back on in its new location once i put a few more miles on it and I'm sure everything is sitting where it wants to sit.

Now I just have to go clean up my workbench!

old pump...

new pump…

micronaut toy, found in a box of old toys from my parent's house

Does anyone else remember these little dudes?