Saturday, July 27, 2013

Had a visit this friday from my brother from another

Hapa, actually IS prapa. you know this.

Stormtrooper of doom

This guy, with the smoothe face

My family loves him too, so he must be okay!

My best buddy Davey was in town for some type of shenanigans, and decided to stay the night and get some nice diner and tell some stories... the usual kind of stuff. We had a great diner at Buona Forchetta down in Golden Hills and then watched the remake of Red Dawn, which was pretty epic. Of course its about American and blowing shit up and 20 something chicks with machine guns... kindda gotta love it. you know how it goes. Anyhow, he's back on the road so if you see him trooping along on the highway, give him a wave and a smile and if you're a 20 something chick ( who may or may not have a machine gun) bust out with a little boob, or something sweet.

Love you brother!