Friday, September 21, 2012

Saturday 29th of September , we're having a fancy art show at Avalon Tattoo II

That's the tattoo shop I work at down here in San Diego . It's going to be our 15th anniversary party and we're all doing some art for the show , as well as inviting tattooers from around the world to show some work too . Here's what I came up with , she's called a Fiji Mermaid .

Back in ye olden tymes they used to take the top 1/2 of a monkey carcass and attach it to the bottom of a fish carcass and drag it around in old timey county fairs & carnivals & stuff , and say it was a mermaid , from Fiji no less coz that sounded exotic and fancy . This is my interpretation of the famous cryptozooalogical monstrosity . I need to get it framed up and do some work on the background & all that , but here's a sneak peek for my bloggy homies . . .

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Coffin Chasers MC party

I have some friends in this local MC called the Coffin Chasers . They started out a long time ago as a car club and over the years morfed into a full fledged motorcycle club . 2 years ago is the official date that they turned completely to the dark side and they're having a swinging shindig to celebrate !

Friday, September 7, 2012

silverado update #3 , and what I did on my day off . . .

So my Friday started pretty normal . Actually it was kind of exciting because my new rims from Cragar arrived and I was on my way to have them put on at the local Tire Depot over on Adams Avenue . Good guys and fair priced tire work . Anyhow . . .

I get to the tire shop and this guy pulls up . All the tire guys start up with , Oh yeah I see , you need a new set of tires , etc etc . I guess the trailer needed a tire filled up or something , but oh man . I didn't ask why t hey were transporting this mess but it was creepy .

A few years back there was this drag racing accident down on Imperial avenue and a few kids died in this car . It gave me goose bumps looking at it . I felt like it was going to ruin my day through bad juju magic , but as it turned out , my rims were going on fine and there were no foreseeable problems to mess me up . I even went for a walk to Starbuck's ( yeah I know ) for my favorite iced sweet black tea .

When he gets to the back rims he figures out that we need a 1/4 spacer because the rear drum is kind of dished and the center of the rim isn't seating . As he's telling me this his buddy tells him , wait I have a set of spacers that will fit in there , one sec . Sure enough he does and they do and the rims start going on again , no problems .

I decide when we're all done and back on the road that what I need is a delicious bean & cheese down at Sombrero's in Golden Hill . It's a really nice day and i have new kicks on the truck so I'm taking my time and letting people go in front of me and stuff , because you know it's a nice day and I'm feeling it . I order my deal at the restaurant and what do I see on the receipt . . . .

Booyah . Could it be that mother nature is trying to fuck me up somehow ?!?! No way . I don't believe in any mystical sky gods , and certainly don't believe in center of the earth fire monster dudes , I'll take that challenge . I say thank you and load up on the hot carrots and go on my way .

By the way , for those of you who would like to enjoy this demonic delight, it's a bean & cheese burrito with rice inside , and a cheese quesadilla . Comes out to $6.66 . Good times .

I realize that I need to gas up and shoot over to the 7-11 for $30 of regular and then get back on the road home to chomp on my snack . This is where the paradox of timing starts to fuck with me .

Old lady #1 & old girlfriend shopping buddy ( clearly not from here ) scooting up on her stop sign , decides to go for it at the last minute . I'm watching her so naturally I lay back and let her get lost right in front of me for a whole block of slowing down and speeding up . Whatever , She's probably from Rancho Bernardo and never been to the " ghetto " before , but she's seen on the news that it's a really neat community and there is great kitchy shops to check out if you don't mind mexicans or scary tattooed people with mustaches & tight pants . . .

Old dude #2 pulls the same shit on me even closer but I decide to lay on the " stupid horn " and let him know he almost got crushed by a big ass truck .

He flaps his hand around at me as if to say sorry , I'm old and mostly blind . I throw my hands up as if to say " what the fuck , old blind dude " and he flips me the bird ! At this point I start laughing out loud . ( that's LOL for you internet only folks ) . Seriously , old dude . You cut me off and then flip me off because I point it out to you ? I take my foot off the gas and let him wander home and as he's making a left in front of me and I go by him , I hear him yelling at me about this or that . I give him the patented " thumbs down " maneuver followed quickly by the " oh and , fuck you too " hand signal .

After that it was smooth sailing all the way home to enjoy my satanic meal and watch a few episodes of cops with a tall glass of ice cold sweet tea . I dare life to fuck with me any more today . I might have to get out of the hot tub later on to slap the shit out of someone if I don't get a little driver's respect in my own damn neighborhood ! Come on people , it's Friday . Slow down and get home alive . Have some ice cream or something . Just leave me out of your problems cause I feel good , my truck looks good and I don't have time today for this mess !

Sneak peek . . .

Thursday, September 6, 2012