Thursday, June 28, 2012

1977 Chevy Silverado C-10

I just got this neat little truck from my friend Billy who lives up in Hemet . I'm the 3rd owner of this thing and it's pretty cherry . He did a lot of little things as well as all the body and paint work on it . Lowered it , added a set of Tru-spoke wires , a little chrome and some dust knocked off here and there , now it's mine .

All good things come to pass and in this case It was the '77 Harley . I traded it for this truck straight across . It feels weird to be without a motorcycle , but as are all things in life , this is a temporary situation and will be fixed shortly .

Anyhow , Here are a few pictures . I'll add more as I make changes and add my own shit to her .

Monday, June 11, 2012

We live in a pretty nice neighborhood , and we like to take our bikes out everyonce in a while to tour the hood and see the sights .

These are a few of the things we saw , on this ride .

Amy and a super clean '36 Plymouth that sort of matched her 1954 Schwinn Hornet .

Neat 1976 Executive motorhome , with awesome factory ( probably home made ) trailer option .

Very nice 23 T touring , with emergency brake engaged .