Monday, March 29, 2010

So this fucking guy sneaks up on me at a light

Didn't make a sound and I think he was trying to split lanes on me , but got next to me just as the light changed so I didn't see him till I was 1/2 way through the intersection . He backed off pretty quick and way out in front of him by the time he got around me on the other side . I was in my F-150 which is pretty roomy and usually I can see bikes trying to take me like that on the inside & I always give them the shot . . . but this thing didn't make a sound and almost startled me when I saw him there emerging out of my blind spot .

I like the idea of new technology and making weird new stuff work , but this was the first time I experienced one of these guys on the road , and the lack of any engine noise or sound at all was a little weird . Made the whole " loud pipes saves lives " argument sort of make more sense .

It made me realize how important the noise a bike makes is t o how well you notice it when you can't see it . It was zippy enough and kept up with traffic , but man , quiet as a whisper .

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Soul stealing....

Friend and kinda neighbor Adam Wright , (yes the world famous photo taker dude) working. My Ol' lady in her favorite purple pants on her favorite bike riding.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So I used to be in this car club

It was called the Sacred Karts . kind of a pun on Sacred hearts , or go karts or whatever . . . seemed pretty clever at the time . Anyhow we were all pretty close friends at the time and me and this other guy started the club in the back of the tattoo shop one day . It was supposed to just be fun , not really like a " club : where you always have to do stuff and pay dues and shit like that , just a fun time where you and some bros could get together and build stuff or break things or talk shit .

Unfortunately like many things in life , as it grew and became watered down with friends and friends of friends , we sort of lost focus and direction . Little cliques developed and outside people started to create animosity and bad blood between friends . . . it wasn't fun anymore . People went their separate ways , new friendships were created and ended & new directions were taken . I personally managed to get away from some pretty toxic people coincidentally , and as a result I acquired a new clarity in my life that has done me well . After all was said & done I think everything worked out pretty well , although at the time feelings were hurt . You know what they say about time healing all wounds , or something .

That doesn't erase all the fun that was had though . We made some amazing cars , drove many many miles and had fantastic adventures together .

I was messing around with some online archives and found this link to our website from 2002 . Some of these guys are still around although we've all grown up and moved on to different things . Regardless , copy & paste this URL and trip out on some old timey car shit .

Sacred Karts

Monday, March 15, 2010

Davey's FXR is on the road .

Built to knock down miles and roll in comfort . Look for him at a rest stop near you soon !

Sunday, March 7, 2010

So Davey doesn't get to have all the fun

Here's some stuff I found at my Dad's house down in Bonita . He asked me and my wife and my sister and her husband to come down and go through some stuff that was up in the attic in the garage and here's part of what I discovered . . .

A nice old box of old skateboard wheels and a few truck parts . 1 full set of Kryptonics wheels slightly used but totally still good condition , no bearings . 1 set of orange wheels , no name , with bearings . 1 set of Yo-Yos again slightly used still in good shape , no bearings . 1 set of Variflex wheels , totally demolished , no bearings . 2 independent truck baseplates , 1 broken kingpin , 1 with broken mounting holes . 1 Tracker baseplate & hanger , no bushings at all . 1 Bennett hanger , 1 Excaliber hanger no axle , 1 ACS hanger no axle , & one no name baseplate that I think went to the Excaliber hanger . . . Lots of useable stuff and a few wall hangers .

These remains are the only two Indy trucks I ever broke . The one with the broken kingpin was a hang-up on a backside air at Imperial ditch . The other one is just a broken bolt hole situation , I forget how that happened . I still say Indy's best , fuck the rest !

When was the last time you rode a set of wheels down to this kind of condition ? I'm not sure what I was thinking or why this happened , I can only imagine it was just my favorite set of wheels or something . Regardless they certainly did give up every drop of usefulness .

That's part of my score from this weekend .

Thursday, March 4, 2010

2010 so far.......

This year is off to a good start...........