Friday, September 25, 2009

I had one then then had to sell sell it, now i got one again...

Ya an SR-500 1978 it was sitting for like 20 years. I cleaned the plug, checked the bowl, got some gas in it and bam fired right up . I got some plans for it, I think it will make a good Prunetucky street tracker. Stay tuned for this one...

There she goes , one single tear . . .

Well , mister truck guy was very nice and promised me that the old girl would be in good hands and taken good care of . It's always sad when one of your little ones grow up and leave the nest , but there are exciting times on the horizon . The new owner seems like a pretty good guy and is really excited to get it on . I hope he manages to get all the inspection stuff out of the way easily and no hassles , then gets a full tank and some good times !

Martin , I hope you have as much fun on it as I did . I'll miss the old heap , but I'm cleaning the garage up in honour of the new baby on it's way !

A few people took notice of her a long the way , Greasy Kulture featured her , as did The Horse magazine just recently , and soon to come out , a little footage in the new Two Wheeled Terrors video .

Good times had & good times to come .

Here you go Martin , loaded up and strapped down . You'll have her soon !

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So the '56 is sold . . .

and soon it will be in a box & on it's way to my new friend in Germany named Martin . I thought this one would hang around more than this , but a deal was struck and that's how it goes . All this just as it was featured in the current issue of The Horse . Everyone go out and buy one , the article is actually really neat and layed out pretty cool .

I should have waited since the bike is a celebrity now , Greasy Kulture and now the Horse . I could have gotten a few more grand , but no biggie . . . the guy who bought it sounds pretty cool and super into it . I think it's going to a good home .

Anyhow , now that money has changed hands , I thought I would give everyone a sneek peek at what's next on deck .

Details & changes to follow , once it hit's the ground from Florida I'll be tearing into it .

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I'm going to be somewhere near the stripper dunk tank , more than likely

As it turned out , the location got shut down due to a suggestion from SDPD apparently so it was moved to the clubhouse instead . It's always nice to get to be invited to go hangout with everyone at the clubhouse , but it was hot as shit out there in Hell Cajon and I had a plumber coming to my house at 3 so I stood around for a few hours , got the first half of a sunburn and came home .

All that being said , it was a nice time .

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009