Sunday, March 29, 2009

Last night they have this thing in my neighborhood called the South Park Walk About

It's pretty fruity for the most part , but generally fun because all the business's that are having open houses have free cocktails and little treats like cupcakes or pizza slices . It's a good free buzz and by the time you've done the whole tour you're more than likely stuffed as well .

Anyhow , while walking around and checking shit out , we went into this bike shop called Velo Cult . It caters mainly to the fixed gear & track bike crowd , but also has regular bike stuff , gear , etc . I bought a neat wicker basket for Amy's bike there and the guy asks " does anyone want a beer ? " Amy & my buddy Mark take him up on it of course , but since I don't drink beer I say so , and no thanks . Being the savy business man that he is , he bust out with , " how about a little Makers Mark ? "

Well that's how our walk about started off . A few more fingers of the Mark & we're off to see what the heck else is happening .

We get around the block and hear some music coming from a house . LIve music , of the rockabilly trio type . Not particularly good , but live so worth checking out regardless . So were walking up to check out the sock hop and start seeing bikes parked on the street in front of the crowd . There were a few Lambrettas , a D type that I didn't get a picture of and this LD that was really clean .

Then as I'm looking at the scooter I notice this lonely soldier resplendent in it's wear & tear and obvious miles that have passed beneath these tires . Other than the sort of dopey upside down clubmans , this thing was amazing . Check the rediculous paint job !

Total survivor , or an amazing fake . . . one way or another this bike was a treat for the drunken senses .

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Well that was fun . . .

Here are some highlights of our day . Keep in mind I quit early because I'm still getting over a flu and didn't feel all the way outlaw today , so I came home to drink some Nyquil and take a nap .

Here are some incriminating images in no certain order

My neighborhood has never seen this many motorcycles , let alone this many card card carrying Wild Angels . . . The squares were terrified , the men were envious and the women were interested .

There were a couple nice men in this helecopter following the group . I like to think they were doing that thing in the Baja 1000 where if anyone breaks down , they radio for help . I don't think that was their intent .

Only a dorky picture of me at a light , nothing good . This is me saying " WHAT " .

This is Jimmy getting his groove on . He was throwing this bike around pretty nicely and it kept up really well .

Matt relaxing at a light .

I'd like to thank my friends who threw this party & I hope that the money raised helps in some way .

Good luck & go fast you guys .

Friday, March 20, 2009

Looks like there's a party going on tomorrow

I was riding around on my motorcycle , and ended up at a friends house and found this on the ground in front of his garage

My wife being the super sleuth she is googled it and figured out it was a Jerusalem beetle and it was big and creepy . About 2 inches long and it looked pissed . I take only pictures and leave only footprints , so I snapped one and left him to his day . I wonder what he did for the rest of the weekend . . .

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mister Von Franco laying down some lines on my Galaxie

This was at Paso Robles in maybe '95 / '96 . He was there with one of his cars and I managed to wrangle him into putting some stripes onto the trunk lid of my car . It was pretty neat .

Yokosuka , Japan

This is a picture of my Dad while he was on leave in Japan . Judging by his outfit and the fact that he was at an Enlisted Men's club rather than an Officers club I'm thinking this was pretty early in his Navy career . I think he retired Chief Petty Officer . I need to ask him about the dates and details but I love this picture .

A little table of covered in drinks and a bunch of brothers ready for a night on the town .

That's my dad right in the middle of the picture .

Monday, March 2, 2009

I had some friends come visit me over the weekend

My buddy Dave came down to take pictures of some things . He has all the camera equipment , but wanted to ride his bike around while he was down here . . . enter the MURDER VAN . Load up the gear , pack up the bike and take a leisurely drive down the coast to San Diego . Good times ensure .

After we went to the Big 3 Auto swap and looked at some dirty broken bike parts , and got a nice sunburn , I talked the guys into coming up into my neighborhood for some lunch . I took some gratuitous parked bike shots .

Lots of chrome and sparkles and mag wheels . . . a good time was had by all .

Early birthday present maybe ?

Even though I'm not big on fish , unless I'm eating them with wasabi & soy sauce . . . this is pretty sweet

taking pictures while your riding a motorcycle is harder than it looks